The Annotated Bibliography

Article Sources

Priscilla Reyes, Patrick Martin, John Rencher, and Harlie Broussard. (2014).
79 Countries Where Homosexuality Is Illegal.  The human toll of 76 countries’ anti-gay laws. The struggle to repeal them. Retrieved from

            These authors are well known for their rights. They write about their gay rights: marriage. They talk about the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, or ILGA, lists 78 countries with criminal laws against sexual activity by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex people (LGBTIs), but that’s a slight understatement. However, they also talk about how the total would actually be 82 countries if they were to include Russia, which does not have a law against homosexual acts but is in the midst of an anti-gay crackdown on the basis of its new law against “gay propaganda. I think this article is a good source because it talks about the different countries that support gay rights and it explains which country doesn’t support it.

Janiva Magness and Derek Clark. (2012). Foster Care Alumni of America. Explore
Our Resource Materials to Learn More About FCAA and The Alumni Movement. Retrieved from

            These authors are alumnus from this program and want to continue to grow their program because it has helped a lot of people. This article talks about how their vision is to ensure a high quality of life for those in and from foster care through the collective voice of alumni. They intend to erase the differences in opportunities and outcomes that exist for people in and from foster care compared to those who have not experienced foster care. This article can be a great source because most parents want their child to be straight and not gay; therefore, they send them to foster care because they can’t deal with the fact that their kid is gay.

David Venene. (2011, December 4). Nigeria's bill to outlaw gay marriage threatens

The article is very well written research because it gives details where it is coming from and is directed toward medical researches and gay marriage rights. This source is somewhat helpful because they are saying that people who are gay are the ones spreading the HIVS and aids in Africa.

Anna Maja Rappard and Nana Karikari-apau. (2014, January 13). Nigeria bans same-     sex marriage. Retrieved from   

            The authors take a trip to Nigeria to do more research on their topic, which is Gay Right: Marriage. They have a well-written article about Nigeria banning same-sex marriage.  This article is almost the same as my other one because they both take places in Nigeria and want Gay Rights to be banned.  However, it is somewhat different from the other ones because the president of Nigeria signed the law to ban same-sex marriage in Africa’s most populous nation.

Stephanie Barrett, Rich Beckwith, Raul Burciaga, and Melissa Calderwood. (2014,     October 6). Same-Sex Marriage Laws. Retrieved from                                                       

            The authors are well-respected and well-written articles. They wrote about how the Same-Sex Marriage Law is going to get passed. Most of the people want the law to get passed because it looks wrong in our society to have people getting married of the same sex. This article can be similar to my other source because they both are talking about Laws.

David Masci and Martin Ruetschi. (2009, July 9). Same-Sex Marriage in the U.S.                    PewResearch Religion and Public Life Project. Retrieved from     

These two authors are very in credible with their project because they are arguing about Same-Sex Marriage.  They about argue that most of the people don’t really want gays in this world and they want to prove those people who want gays in this world wrong. This is a really good article for my research topic because it provides very good detail why they don’t want gays here.
Book Sources

Paisley Currah, Richard M. Juanf, and Shannon Price Minter. (2006). Transgender     Rights. Minneapolis. Civil Rights.

The authors are both editors and have a very well written book for those who believe in Gay Rights.  This source is very helpful because it talks about Laws, Transgender people, Civil rights, and etc. This book is really useful for my research topic. I believe I could do so much with this book and find very good details about Laws and Same-Sex Marriage.

Jennifer Gerarda Brown and Ian Ayres. (2011). Straightforward : How to Mobilize     Heterosexual Support for gay Rights. Princeton university Press.

            This book is a little different from the other book because this one is talking about supporting Gay Rights and the other one was more talking about banned Gay Rights. Therefore, these two authors have an amazing idea in how to support them. This is a really helpful Source/Book because it explains why should we support Gay Rights and why people need to ignore all the negative things because they are humans as well.

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