Purpose Statements

Photo Essay
Statement of Purpose
Purpose: My purpose is to inform and change the mind of my audience to view the art of graffiti as a positive and educational mindset. A lot of people see graffiti and instantly label it as vandalism and not an art form. However, graffiti is just another way to express yourself as being a form of an artist. Most people love graffiti because it is just creative writing with colors, yeah it destroys buildings, but it also builds character.  Some supports of allowing graffiti will let artist express him or herself in a form that they are respectable at. Allowing graffiti will keep people away from doing it illegally. However, most people think that graffiti is gang affiliated, but really not.  Graffiti is what you view of it and how you feel about it.  Graffiti is a way to do what you love just like anybody else does what he or she loves.  Graffiti is a way to show off your skill or talent to show the world what you could do with art.  However, graffiti takes time, patience, talent, skill, and a place to show it. I know graffiti is just the same as a rapper and as a painter painting. Those are peoples job and they do what they love, so why can’t graffiti artist do what they love and get paid. Graffiti isn’t bad it’s just a form of writing and expressing their selves with drawings and words on walls. If people just give it a chance I promise you that people will enjoy it.  Graffiti is not a crime, it’s the opposite, and it’s an art because it expresses everything you want. Many people do not understand graffiti, but it does not mean it’s a crime or something wrong for society. Its better using time painting than consuming drugs, and painting is a very good distractor for not consuming drugs.  Therefore, graffiti should be recognized and appreciated as an art form and accepted by the art community.

Audience: My audience will be my classmates and my professor and the people the love graffiti and think that graffiti is not a crime its just art. My context of my presentation is that graffiti has many groups that it could be categorized. I want to show that graffiti is art. I want my audience to have a different perspective about graffiti and understand that graffiti could be art and not a crime. I also want my audience to see the different groups of graffiti. I will show pictures of the different groups of graffiti that they are.

Context: The time that my audience should see my paper is when they are home relaxed.  The place where my audience should view my Photo Essay is when they are out of work and they are really comfortable.  This place will be perfect because they could take the time to relax and read. I want my paper to have a great understanding abut graffiti. I want them to have a positive mindset of graffiti.

Rhetorical Analysis
Statement of purpose
Purpose: I was on snapchat before class started the other day and I click on my friends’ story time and I saw him and his girlfriend smiling and kissing and it made me wonder that relationships are just like the movies. It made me think back to the time when I watched P.S. I Love You, The Lucky One, The Notebook, and The Vow. All these four movies have one thing in common; they all show the definition of true love is.  The type of audience that these movies attract is females and males at ages of 15 and up.  When teenager and young adults watch romantic trailers of a movie they immediately think of their significant other and it makes them want to watch it together.  When Valentines Day starts to approach I notice that more romantic trailers are being shown on television. Most people watch their romantic movies in their bedroom or living room.  People who are in love see the movie in a different way versus those who are not in love.

Audience: The audience is going to be all those people in the world that are in love. The reason why is only for those who are in love is because maybe they can relate to the movies. My audience needs to be in love because I'm trying to see if those who say that they are in love can tell me if its just like the movies.

Context: The time people should read this paper is with their girlfriends in a quiet place so they can agree or disagree on if their love is just like the movies. My audience needs to be really in love not barely dating but have a longer dating process. If people are barely dating it will not fit them because they might not have the same experiences as those in the movie.

Argument Synthesis
Purpose Statement
Purpose: The purpose of my synthesis paper is to analyze a group of authors about the workplace; future, and how different things are going to change like working and hiring.  Dr. Wielgos assigned this project and I wanted to make changes and how it affects everyone that wants a job or is working.  I want my audience to be active about this issue and I want them to understand as well because it affects everyone in this world.  My main priority about this paper is that I want my audience to be concern about the future issue and to work ahead so we wont make the same mistake over.  This paper is truly going to benefit me next week when I start work.  Therefore, I want to help my audience to plan for the future. This paper will be very organized with straightforward points so my audience could understand everything that is going on.

Audience:  My audience will be students who are getting a future job. They should take a look into their jobs for more information and should see what the future has for them.  My audience should read my paper when they are alone in the library or outside of class where there is no noise so they could focus reading it.  When they finish I wanted them to be able to look at their future and see if there’s an issue or not. Also, they will understand that there will be effects on their future and they will be changes for the up coming years.  Lastly, after reading this paper my audience will be able to change their future or not change their future.

ContextThe time people should read my paper is when they are in school because that’s when they have their mind focus and ready to read.  My audience needs to be in the right zone because if they are not then they will not take this serious and wont even understand the point of this paper. Therefore, the place people should read this paper is when they are in school and are focus and learn about the future.

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