This semester I have learned new things and they were truly helpful because now I could describe how a Photo Essay works and how to do a Statement Purpose and a Design Plan. I am happy to say that I enjoy this class because all the things you showed us are really helpful tips. I have accomplished many things in this class that I was not sure I was going to because of all the work we had too do that I have never done before. However, I really enjoyed doing the Photo Essay because I had to take pictures of my project and had a PowerPoint of what I wanted to get a crossed. I think the most challenging thing about this class was the Statement Purpose and Design Plan because I had to do it for every project. Also, the most second challenging thing was my research paper because I had a lot of trouble picking a topic and I had a lot of trouble getting resources. This final Portfolio shows all the work I been working on this whole semester for this class.

            This semester I started to talk about different things because I just wanted to talk about a lot of things and get new ideas out there for people to read because if I talked about one thing the whole semester people would get bored and stop reading; therefore, through out the semester I talked about different things such as; graffiti, love, future, and gay rights. I believe I did a great job because I wanted people to learn new things about each topic and not learn about the same thing over and over. However, this was difficult because I wanted to go above and beyond by getting new information that people didn’t know about. My research paper was a lot of work and I work on it really hard to get my point across. Also, this was a topic many people would never though off because of what’s going on as in right now in this world. To be honest, I am happy that I picked this topic because I learned a lot and it was very interesting getting new information and showing it to people. This semester has been a lot of hard work and I enjoyed being in this class.

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