Graffiti was a very essay topic for my Photo Essay because I already had a lot of knowledge about graffiti, which made it easier for me. Throughout the Photo Essay I just had to take pictures of my artwork and get my point a crossed. The Photo Essay was one of the easiest projects I did. However, Gay Rights was a very difficult topic for my research topic because I couldn’t find a lot of books about it and recent sources. I chose this topic because I knew this was a common issue here in the United States. Through the research paper I had really good information and I also learned new things about my topic. To be honest, I am very proud to say that I am happy I chose this topic because I have a lot of new information about gay rights.  Now I want to know if people are willing to take a stand and stand for their own beliefs. I found out that more states are banning gay marriage and I know this is not fair because they are humans like us. I think I succeeded in my research paper because I provided a lot of new information and I had really good sources. I think this research paper helped me learn how to get good sources and bad sources.  The rhetorical analysis paper was harder because I was still not use of finding good sources.

            The layout for my blog is very simple because I want people to get my point a crossed. Also, is all based on all my projects I did all semester. One of the projects we did was very difficult for me because I didn’t know how to do it until I got help because I had never done it before. I chose this layout because it is very simple for my audience to see and where to go and I feel that I really did accomplished this project because I have everything organized and easy to find. I put everything in order from the first project to the last project we did in class. This was a nice way of doing it so other people could take a look on what we did when we started class and how we ended class this semester. Lastly, when we worked on peer review was one of the most helpful things we did in class because I was able to make my paper better and have a better understanding of it.  Also, what I liked was reading different topics that my peers had because they had a lot of good information and I learned from them as well.

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