Final Reflection

This semester has been an amazing experiences for me personally because I believe I have grown as a writer and I also learned new information that I have never done in my life before. To be honest, the Purpose Statements and Design Plans were an amazing helpful tip because I use it for everything now. I really enjoy doing those because it makes my paper look well-organized and I could write my paper smooth. Another thing I really enjoy was my Photo Essay this semester because it was taking pictures of what you love and what I love was graffiti and by showing my pictures I was getting my point across to my audience that never had a clue about graffiti. Lastly, the most difficult I had this whole semester was blogging because I never had to use one and to be honest I really enjoy blogging because people get to see what you are doing and you could see what other people are doing as well. Overall, I enjoyed this class so much because like I said I believe that I have grown as a writer as well as learning new information that will help me in the future. I love learning new things because you could grow from them and learn things from yourself that you never thought about. This class was an amazing experience with blogging to writing papers.

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